The Park Cafe Group welcomes pastry chef
                                        Chelsea Cowell
Chelsea come to us from  Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Los Angeles
Devour this page at your own risk!

Seasonal Dinner Bell is on!

Seasonal creations made from scratch. Daily. Delicious!


                                Pan seared scallops with crushed verne jalapeno and frisee
SF Croque- Two eggs sunny side up on sour flour w/swiss, ham, parmesan, and sauce mornay

   Spring pizza at Precita. Fresh artichoke hearts, peas, asparagus topped with a fried egg
Housemade Macaroons. Plain Vanilla & Chocolate Smothered

Flourchylde Gluten free lemon torte, chocolate torte and cinnamon pound cake

Valentines Day 2013

Thank you neighbors for such a memorable Valentine's day with beautiful and delicious courses

             Beet salad with honey, roasted pumpkin seeds and edible wildflowers
                   Pan roasted Calamari and pork rillette, pickled mustard seeds
                            House-made burrata with a balsamic reduction

                                             Belgium beers direct 

                                         Leireken BIO  Artisan Wild Berries Ale    
                                         Stubbes Pilsner Gluten Free Beer
                                         Strubbes Flemish Red Ale
                                         Westoek Flemish Triple Ale

Precita Park Cafe locals show off their favorite dishes

Handcrafted pizzas Champignon pie is king, made with fresh mushrooms, goat cheese, parmesan, truffle oil, and arugula. Corn meal crumbs at the bottom – in-house from-scratch creation – add a nice crunch to the thin yet deliciously soft crust.

Chef's selection of risotto contained diced Fuji apples, shaved parmesan, parsley leaves, and black truffle oil

House-made flat bread, chewy and cheesy, and excitingly crackly around the edges is fragrant with  specks of foraged rosemary, and is a great companion to an antipasti plate filled with fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, and hummus. And not just hummus, mind you, but an elaborate combination of garbanzo bean puree, preserved kumquats, pumpkin and pomegranate seeds, and olive oil and balsamic sprinkle.

            Aunt Fanny's southern style biscuit w/Zoe's nitrite free smoked bacon

3 Bacon Tacos with beer braised bacon, pico de gallo, cabbage, sour cream, and pickled jalapenos

                                     Holiday Season's housemade buratta 
                            with slowly roasted figs and fresh orange zest

"House-made Tiramisu for dessert – the creamiest I’ve ever tried, was rivaled only by a sophisticated Affogato served in a bowl of cinnamon ice-cream flanked by two tiny ceramic cups – one with a strong blooming espresso, another – with sinfully dark hot chocolate to pour over ice-cream."  -Emma Krasov

Precita Park After Dark

THE MISSION — One year in, Precita Park Cafe (500 Precita) has a new chef, Tu David Phu, and a new dinner menu. He's offering seasonal salads, thin crust pizzas, and some larger entrees like sausage-stuffed chicken with braised fennel and romesco and short ribs with polenta fries, braised greens, and creme fraiche. [EaterWire]

Dinner Bell ringing!

                                                       Homemade Beet Gnocchi

I hear the dinner bell


Precita Park Cafe. Dinners. Hand to Mouth

Dinner Bell


                       Housemade chocolate hazelnut ice cream pie. Housemade Ganache. Whipped Cream

Precita Park. Dinners. Hand to Mouth




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